Welcome your Airbnb guest

Get. Set. Go! Your first Airbnb guest is coming soon

For a new host it might be sometimes challenging to set their apartment properly to please their Airbnb guests. Here is a checklist that will help you ensure that before your guests enter you have checked everything to make your guest happy.

Clean entire home

When you are welcoming guest for the first time it is necessary that you have it sparkling clean. For that you need to be careful about everything, starting from the kitchen, dining area, bed rooms, bathrooms and any other area where the guest has permission to enter. A clean home will always make your guests happy.

Here are some cleaning tips to help you out.
• Vacuum the floors sweep it and mop it. It will not take much time but your floors and carpets will shine.
• Clean the counter tops with a cleaner. There should not be any stains or sticky posts.
• Take care of the bathroom. Every guest wants the bathroom to be crystal clear. Thus, make sure that every nook and corner of the bathroom is clean.

Once you have done all these thoroughly before the guest arrives, all you need to do just before arrival is tidying up the space.

Put fresh sheets on the bed

It is true that everyone knows about it but sometimes in the excitement you may forget to change the bed sheets. You must keep the sheets ready and just the moment before your guests arrives you must change them. Many guests prefer to see the change after arriving. You can do that too provided they do not feel bored. You should have some extra sheets so that in case of any emergency you can use them quickly.

Clean out your refrigerator

If you are giving access of the refrigerator to your guest it is necessary that you clean it off before your guests use it. No one will like to find a eaten apple or a milk bottle half used in the refrigerator.
For impressing your guests you can put in some fresh juices, bottled water and some snacks there. If there are any used foods throw them away before your guest comes.

Set up your bathroom

Bathrooms are most important and it is necessary to set it up properly before any guest arrives. You can have small soaps like the hotels provide or have a kit designed. Normally guest will carry their own toiletries with them but it is your duty to provide them with shampoo, soap and conditioner. Also do not forget to keep clean towels in the bathroom.

Print out your guest welcome sheet

Once you are host you will know it but as it is yours first time it is suggested that you prepare a welcome sheet for your guest. It is a short write up that introduces you and your property to your guests. It can include personal information, rules that they have to follow during the stay and suggestions that will help them during their stay.

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